Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vivian Hsu: Taiwanese Nude Model, Actress & Singer

Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄; Xú Ruòxuān) is a Chinese actress and singer who has been credited under a number of names, including Vivian Xu, Hsu Jo Hsuan, Hsu Shu Juan, Hsu Ruo Xuan, Xu Ruo Xuan, Tsui Yeuk-Suen, and Kazuma.
Vivian was born in Taiwan in 1975 and won a local beauty contest in 1990 while she held a job delivering food by bicycle. 
Her discovery led to her becoming a member of Shào nǔ Dùi (少女隊; Girls Team), a musical trio that released two albums in the early 1990s.
Vivian also began modeling and appeared in a nude photobook Angel Heart in 1995, which brought her increased recognition and popularity in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Like fellow Taiwanese actress Shu Qi, Vivian parlayed her nude modeling fame into a long-term successful career although Vivian hasn't had quite the degree of acting success as Shu Qi.
Vivian appeared in 2 follow-up photobooks, Venus and Angel and starred in two Category III films, Devil Angel and Angel Heart (赤裸天使; Chi Lǔo Tiānshǐ).
 Angel Heart Film

Unfortunately, Vivian decided to stop doing nude modeling and returned to singing and acting in the late 90s. Vivian found popularity in Japan, where she spent a good amount of time in the early to mid-2000s performing and hosting TV variety shows.
In addition to her own songs, Vivian has co-written songs for other popular Chinese singers such as Vanness Wu, Gigi Leung and Jay Chou.
Vivian has also appeared in a few movies and TV series in Taiwan and Japan such as The Accidental Spy (with Jackie Chan), You're Place or Mine, L-O-V-E... Love, The Knot, If You Are The One (非诚勿扰; Fēichéng Wùrǎo; hugely popular romantic drama starring Shu Qi), Hot Summer Days, and Seediq Bale (2011 release). Vivian also starred in the TV series Love Storm, for which she composed and sang the opening theme song Decide to Love You (決 定愛你; Juédìng Ài Nǐ).
Most recently, Vivian returned to Japan after a 7 year absence, releasing a new single, Beautiful Day, on March 3, 2010.Vivian Hsu is now 35 years old and still looks gorgeous. Although its been a while since she found her initial fame by posing nude, Vivian's early photos remain so we can still enjoy her full captivating beauty.


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